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The Austrian Institute of Construction Engineering is charged with the following tasks in particular:

  • The issuing of European Technical Assessments;
  • The granting of Construction Engineering Approvals;
  • The preparation of technical expert opinions;
  • The representation of interests and coordination of the Federal States in national, European and international technical bodies, in particular
    • In developing construction engineering regulations at European level;
    • In national and international standardisation;
    • In the European body of the Technical Assessment Bodies;
  • The maintenance of a directory of all valid European Technical Assessments, and, where applicable, certificates of constancy of performance;
  • The suggestion, assessment and monitoring of construction engineering studies and construction research orders;
  • The coordination of the development and publication of technical guidelines and rules, in particular for the purpose of harmonisation in the construction industry;
  • The implementation of market surveillance of construction products;
  • Carrying out its task as a Product Contact Point for Construction.