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Construction Products – Marking and Approval

The marketing of construction products in the European internal market is regulated by the EU Construction Products Regulation. Construction products for which harmonised standards (hENs) exist, must in general be CE-marked. The basis of the CE marking is a declaration of performance by the manufacturers. The member states may neither forbid nor impede the marketing or use of construction products bearing the CE marking, if the declared performances correspond to the requirements for the intended use in the member state concerned.

In the case of construction products for which no harmonised standard exists and no European Technical Assessment has been issued, the member states may continue to maintain national marking and registration systems. The ÜA marking exists in Austria for this purpose. The Building Materials List ÖA specifies which construction products require a ÜA marking. The basis of the ÜA marking are standards of the ÖNORM, other technical rules and regulations or a structural engineering approval (BTZ) granted by the OIB.