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Product Contact Point

The OIB serves as Product Contact Point for Construction on the currently valid technical requirements for construction products in Austria.

The Product Contact Point was established pursuant to Article 10 of Construction Products Regulation in order to provide information on which performance must be attained by a CE marked construction product for a particular use in a member state.

In Austria, the building material list ÖA applies to nationally regulated construction products and the material list ÖE to those that are regulated at the European level (CE marking).

Inquiries may be directed to the Product Contact Point by anyone via e-mail, by phone, in person or in writing.

As a result of the entry into force of the Construction Products Regulation, more and more people avail themselves of our information services. We strive to inform you as good and comprehensively as possible. Please note, however, that the Product Contact Point cannot provide consulting services or binding legal opinions for capacity reasons.