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European Technical Approvals

Until 30 June 2013, European Technical Approvals could be granted to construction products for which there was no harmonised standard or that differed from a harmonised standard on the basis of the EU Construction Products Directive (89/106/EEC). Construction products that had a European Technical Approval could be CE marked. Based on a transitional provision, these European Technical Approvals can be used as European Technical Assessments until the end of their validity in accordance with the EU Construction Products Regulation.

Construction Engineering Approvals

In the case of construction products for which there is no harmonised standard, or that deviate from a harmonised standard or the national regulatory framework set forth in the building material list ÖA, manufacturers may apply for a Construction Engineering Approval to the Austrian Institute of Construction Engineering (OIB). A Construction Engineering Approval is definitely required when this is specified in the building material lists ÖA or ÖE.