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Market Surveillance

Areas of Responsibility

  • Market surveillance authority for construction products in accordance with construction product laws of the Federal States in connection with EU Regulation 765/2008
  • “Active market surveillance”: carrying out annual market surveillance programmes with regard to about 3–4 product groups regulated at the European level and subject to CE marking
  • “Reactive market surveillance”: handling information, reports and complaints that contain information about improper construction products, including construction products not regulated at the European level.
  • Inspections of construction products as well as their marking and documentation with industrial stakeholders (retail, manufacturers) as well as on construction sites
  • Product tests with regard to the declared essential characteristics as well as to risks associated with the products
  • Invitation to take voluntary corrective measures and, where necessary, enforcement of corrective measures as part of an administrative procedure
  • Initiation of administrative penal proceedings with the respective administrative penal authority
  • Restrictive measures (prohibition of provision, recall, seizure, destruction of products)
  • National and international cooperation with other authorities
  • The responsibility of the building authority for execution and usage in the respective construction project remains untouched


Construction Engineering Priorities

  • Harmful substances