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Declaration of Performance

Binding Declaration of Performance and CE Marking


European Technical Assessment

According to Article 4 of the Construction Products Regulation, construction products that are covered by a harmonised standard must be provided with a declaration of performance when they are placed on the market. This applies to every single construction product, not just to a newly introduced product type. This also applies to construction products for which a European Technical Assessment has been issued. An obligation to request a European Technical Assessment does not exist, even if there is a European Assessment Document. The European Technical Assessment is thus de facto voluntary. It stands in competition with the still allowed national approvals.

CE Marking

Consequently these products must be provided with a CE marking. Conversely, of course, only products for which a declaration of performance has been issued may carry a CE marking. The content of a declaration of performance and a CE marking are clearly regulated in the Construction Products Regulation. At least one essential characteristic of the construction product must be declared in the declaration of performance. However, all those that are “related to the intended use or uses, taking into consideration the provisions in relation to the intended use or uses where the manufacturer intends the product to be made available on the market” must be declared. The manufacturer is therefore obliged to inform himself about which essential characteristics (characteristic values) must be declared in those Member States where the construction product is to be made available on the market. And where necessary, appropriate information agreements with distributors will have to be made in connection with this. Furthermore, the essential characteristics are to be always listed completely, including denoting the essential characteristics that are not declared as “NPD” (No Performance Determined).

Copy of the Declaration of Performance

A copy of the declaration of performance is to be added to every product that is being made available on the market. This can be done either in printed form or electronically via email except where the customer insists on a printed declaration of performance. Based on a supplementary Delegated Regulation of the Commission, a declaration of performance may also be made available on a website. If a single buyer receives delivery of a greater quantity (lot) of the same products, a single copy of the declaration of performance is sufficient.

Duties of the Manufacturer

With the CE marking and the declaration of performance, the manufacturer assumes the responsibility for the conformity of the product with the declared performance and compliance with all other provisions of the Construction Products Regulation and, where appropriate, other relevant EU harmonisation legislation. Any other marking with the same content, that is to say concerning the same characteristic values according to the harmonised standard or the ETA, are not permitted.

Information on characteristic values of a construction product in a different form (e.g. in catalogues, advertising material, etc.) may only be given if these characteristic values are also included in the declaration of performance.