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CE Marking

The CE marking is affixed to all construction products for which the manufacturer has drawn up a declaration of performance. Such a declaration of performance is required when a construction product is covered by a harmonised Standards (hEN) or corresponds to a European Technical Assessment.
A list of the harmonised standards is available in the section „Databases” on this website. The current publication of the harmonised standards in the EU Official Journal is also available for download on this website.
The obligation to draw up a declaration of performance and affix a CE marking takes effect as of the date listed as the „end of the coexistence period” in column 5 of the list of harmonised standards published in the EU Official Journal.

Official Journal of the European Union, Harmonised Standards, Column 5

With the CE marking, the manufacturer assumes responsibility for the conformity of the construction product with the performance stated in the declaration of performance regarding „essential characteristics” (these are the characteristic values of products listed in the relevant harmonised technical specification) as well as for compliance with all requirements of the Construction Products Regulation and other relevant harmonisation provisions of the EU.
No other labels that refer to the „essential characteristics” may be affixed in addition to the CE marking itself.
No member country may prohibit or impede the marketing and use of construction products bearing the CE marking when the declared performances correspond to the requirements currently in force in the respective member state.