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Basic Requirements

Basic Requirements for Construction Works


The previous “essential requirements” of the Construction Products Directive have been renamed “Basic Requirements for Construction Works” in accordance with the changed philosophy. Furthermore, some small modifications have been made and “Sustainable Use of Natural Resources” has been added as a new seventh basic requirement .


The additions concern in particular “Hygiene, health and the environment”, now placing an increased emphasis on to the whole life cycle as well as on the health and safety of workers. Furthermore, it no longer only addresses the emission of hazardous substances, but also that of greenhouse gases. Accessibility has been added to the former essential requirement of “Safety in use”, so that the new basic requirement is now called “Safety and accessibility in use”. Fortunately this corresponds to the OIB guidelines concept that was already tracked for years, where OIB Guideline 4 also encompasses “safety in use and accessibility for disabled persons”.


There is another small change in “Energy economy and heat retention”. Not just the energy efficiency of the building is being promoted, but the use of as little energy as possible during its “construction and dismantling”.

The new basic requirement of “Sustainable use of natural resources” covers only one aspect of sustainability, namely resource efficiency. Other aspects of sustainability are already covered by the other basic requirements, in particular for example by hygiene, health and the environment, energy economy and heat retention as well as the subject of “social sustainability” being covered by the remaining basic requirements.